AB 58

Price per Day : 2.500
Boat Type : Yachts
Boat Location : IbizaFormentera
Model : AB 58
Boat Type : Yacht
Feet : 58
Length : 17m
Day Passangers? : 11+1
Night Passengers? : 4
Day Rental : Yes
Captain : With Captain
Zone : IBIZA
Mooring Port : MARINA IBIZA
Day Passangers : 11+1
Night Passangers : 4
Bathrooms : 2
Motor : 2XMAN 1300 HP TURBINAS
Additional Info : PRICE : FROM 01/10 TO 31/05 2.000 € / DAY + VAT -------FROM 01/06 TO 30/06 AND FROM 01/09 TO 30/09 2.200 € / DAY + VAT ---------FROM 01/07 TO 31/08 € 2,850 / DAY + VAT
Charter reference : 000001
AB YACHTS is undoubtedly the technological reference par excellence in the world of sport yachts.

This is so because its founder, driven by his passion for the world of speed in the water, decided to abandon the traditional schemes on which the current shipbuilding is based to introduce new techniques from other sectors much more innovative as the one of the competition boats or the aerospace industry.

In these, vibrations and deformations of materials are not allowed, favoring the use of advanced composites with special resins, sandwich panels consolidated to the vacuum, structures assembled without screws or standard connections more noisy and fragile.

Another of the points that gives this shipyard its captivating personality is turbine propulsion; undoubtedly the best for those boats that require excellent performance at the same time as safety and navigation comfort.

The jets provide greater propulsion performance with respect to conventional transmissions, a simple, precise, versatile and safe maneuver.

No less remarkable is its sporty but elegant aesthetic, as only the best Italian designers of the FIPA group can create.

Boat Features
Licensed boat captain
Portable fridge
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